Bad News For Teachers As Government Intends

To Do This

The COVID 19 pandamic has rise in its second phase with many active cases being recorded each day. This is so serious and has become a threat to the country. The Government is seriously looking forward to get the possible best solution to curb this pandamic.

During the first phase of the COVID 19 Pandamic, the government closed all educational institutions including both private and public educational institution. We have most teachers getting their daily bread from being a teacher. Most of them especially teahers in the private sector who only depends on thier monthly salary for their up keeping faced a lot of financial problems. Some of them have to engage themselves in some minor jobs before they get some money for their up keeping. Some also received aid from their school owners which was a blessing to them.

Currently the second phase of the COVID 19 Pandamic is becoming so serious that many stakeholders are calling for the closure of all educational institutions again. This can lead to many teachers going through a lot of financial problems again. Therefore it is been advice that teachers in the private sector should start getting ready as the government said there is a possibility of another lockdown and closure of schools again.

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