Don’t Keep The Allowance Until It’s December – A Concern Teacher Trainee Fires


We have come to believe that the pledged allowance was a political tactics. Mr. President, your tactics was awesome from the go, just be sure it ends well.

We understood the game you wanted to play with trainees, please just play it well. We remember the promise of paying Gh¢ 400.00 each month on campus.

Were you giving us the allowance because we are studying and will need financial support.

If the idea was to support us academically, then please E-learning is ongoing in all the colleges. How does this student access the internet if the money is being kept for December.

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If the payment is about being on campus, then I want to remind you that the final year students just completed their stay.

We know the country is facing some financial challenges since the Covid 19 pandemic, if one way or the other the government can’t pay us as a result, then please open up to us.

Maybe you have no idea of the challenges some students are facing at the grace root. Please don’t give us the allowance in December and expect us to paean, that will be unfavorable. My concerns




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